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Who we are?


About Microsatex

MicroSatex Ltd. is a private company found in 2004.

Our team has significant experience and know-how in the design, installation and maintenance of telecommunication, IT and management systems. You will meet face to face with professionals, who not only are highly qualified, innovative and experienced, but also have the skills to define the right tasks and technical challenges, using "out of the box" approach and implementing the latest technologies.

Investing our best efforts and time to find or invent new and innovative solutions and integrate them accordingly is the key to our success. We design and build individual solutions for every new project, considering its both financial and technical aspects.

What do we offer?

  • Design, installation and support of various solutions for distribution of video and TV-content
  • Integration of high-end communicaton and information solutions
  • Installation and maintenance of fixed, mobile and self-deploy antenna systems
  • Solutions for video, voice and data transfer over satellite
  • On-The-Move satellite communication and entertainment systems for vessels and vehicles
  • Survey analysis and upgrade of existing systems to the latest broadcasting standards
  • Wireless communication solutions and innovations
  • Digital signage and home automation
  • Consulting and new project development
  • Training




Undoubtedly the greatest rewards of our efforts are our satisfied customers, to whom Microsatex Ltd. would like to express sincere gratitude for their trust and loyalty. We are here as a result of the chance provided to be part of your projects.

  • Bulgarian administration and military authorities
  • Foreign authorities based in Bulgaria
  • Telecom operators
  • Service and content providers
  • TV and Radio broadcast channels
  • Software development companies
  • Airport facilities
  • Building design, construction and investment companies
  • Engineering and system integration companies
  • Hotel chains, small and medium hotels, apartment resorts
  • Building management companies
  • Residential buildings
  • Office buildings, public institutions, sport facilities
  • Commercial centers, public areas, public facilities
  • Owners of luxury properties, vehicles and vessels
  • Vessel and vehicle fleet operators
  • Installers of satellite, terrestrial and radio communication systems
  • Commercial representative companies
  • Consumer electronics importers and dealers
  • Many other companies and private customers


Microsatex's Solutions

Headend systems

Our crew has significant experience and know-how in the signal processing technology.

During the last decade Microsatex Ltd. has been sole vendor or subcontractor of many video content and TV distribution systems.

Consulting, engineering, delivery, installation, system integration, maintenance, training and technical support of various headend equipment – the full process of project implementation is closely managed by us.

We aim to provide the best performance/price ratio and proper solution for every new project - from small SMATV trough standard coax CATV, hybrid HCN to latest OTT technology, including DRM, CAS and SMS.

Once we identify your needs and the related technical requirements, we will offer an upgrade or turnkey solution, compatible with the worldwide standards of video content and linnear TV channels transmission.

If requested, test and demonstration of custom solution will be done, considering specific broadcast, encryption and content contrbution features, delivered via internet, satellite, optical, cable or terrestrial networks.

The most reliable technology and equipment, provided by leading worldwide manufacturers will be offered in accordance with variety of single or multi-channels signal processing standards such as IP Multicast ot Unicast, Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DVB-T, PAL.

You name it, we do it.

Satellite communications

Microsatex Ltd. is well recognized among the most experienced Bulgarian companies in the field of installation and service of TVRO and VSAT antenna systems.

We have significant knowledge and experience in wide range of solutions in the SATCOM industry, including Receive-only and RX/TX antenna systems with size range up-to 4.5m. Microsatex Ltd. has successfully went through numerous local and international projects for distribution of services, provided by major satellite platforms such as Intelsat, Eutelsat, Astra, Yamal and many others. Our technical stuff is very well qualified to install and service most of the existing satellite antenna systems.

Wherever your interest is focused - DTH, TV contribution, VPN, Video conference, Weather data or Internet connection over satellite, we are there to provide you complete solution, installation services or technical support. International projects are more than welcome - we will assist you with site survey, detailed planning, logistics and installation in remote areas.

We have manufacturing resources for various hot galvanized antenna mounts and custom constructions, and have developed our own cost-effective automatic de-icing systems.

Microsatex Ltd. experience has been engaged with the satellite installations training process of Bulgarian DTH providers such as ITV Partner and Vivacom.

Just let us know the performance you need and we will offer fixed and mobile, receive-only and Two-way satellite communication systems such as: TVRO, In-motion, Point-to-point or Point-to-multipoint VSAT and Auto-deploy solutions, operating in C, Ku and Ka-band, manufactured by worldwide leading vendors.

This is what we do from the very beginning!

Building Service Provide Networks

Besides the basic low-voltage systems, which are mandatory for most of the new buildings (such as fire protection, safety and property protection, access and intercom), we have faced many projects where the Data and Coax (service provider) networks are designed in quite simple and inefficient manner. As a result the property users undergo constant issues in the aspect of having proper connection and their disability to choose service provider due to limitations of the existing network structure. In many cases either the cost is too high, or it is too late to upgrade or replace those systems. Can anyone make them work?

Yes, we can!

Using very smart design, innovative approach and proven technologies our service provider network solutions are identified as natural choice on the local market. They have been integrated in various properties such as hotels, residential complexes, office and public buildings.

The result is flexibility of the system management, simple and trouble-free access to various service providers (even in a single appartment), optimized system maintenance and cost effective operation. In other words, a single building users can have simultaneous access and independent choice of their Satellite TV, Cable TV, Internet, Voice or Data service provider.

We will provide new project development, consulting, design, engineering, installation, integration, training and support.

If you are about to invest in a small building or large scale property - we have the best solution for your project!

We know, we can, we do!

Onboard enterntainment

Internet connectivity, Live TV reception, VOD and entertainment whilst travelling is not longer just fancy. It is today's traveller natural demand.

Today's most innovative solutions provide InMotion Receive-only or Two-way satellite connection, using low-profile and extremely agile hardware platforms.

We are pleased to be part of the technology growth by offering highly customized on-board entertainment and communication solutions in the road, marine and rail sectors.

Our solutions are a result of tight cooperation with leading InMotion, self pointing antenna vendors, coach monitor suppliers and own hardware/software development resources.

Most reliable and cost-effective solutions, customized hardware and software functionality will be offered, considering satellite service providers' accessibility and your vehicle or vessel operational area.

  • On-board entertainment system
  • Satellite reception of linear TV channels
  • Internet or data connection
  • GPS tracking
  • Digital signage
  • All-in-one integrated system

Smooth, faster and further.

Home automation

Home Automation systems are enhancing the convenience, safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of a growing number of homes around the world. Once restricted to only the most elaborate homes, integrated home automation systems are now within the reach of mainstream consumers by use of simple and reliable wireless networking.

The new technology is enabling smaller, more affordable, less power hungry and more easily installed security and home automation systems. Complex wiring can be replaced by reliable, low-cost wireless technology, and efficient processing small footprint sensor technology.

More and more home automation projects are integrated into an Internet of Things (IoT) perspective, such as we do.

Understanding your needs, we offer reliable solutions for your smart home protection, access, comfort and energy eficiency.

Digital signage

No matter which market you're in, digital signage is a powerful tool used to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty, deliver an enriched customer experience and positively impact bottom line results.

Using latest high-performance hardware technology, we create a customized digital signage solutions that will impress your audience.

Our digital signage solutions integrate into any space quickly and easily.

They provide an affordable and reliable platform for all your application needs.

Whether your customers' digital signage needs are big or small, many or few, 24/7 or just a couple of hours, our vast selection of displays are sure to fit the job.

Deliver maximum impact to your customers' messaging on a single screen or multiple screens video wall, from entry- to professional-grade, using latest display technology.

Digital signage hardware, software, content management, graphic design or all-in-one – you have it!

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